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23 November 2011

"Most days,
these fangs are inside someone
so you can't see them when I smile at you
I’d like you to see me this way
and I don’t mind if you want to hide your fangs too"

Got this classic cat-eye glasses from ProOpticals, an USA-based high quality eyewear store with over 280 stores across the globe. Click the link and you'll find hundreds of unique eyewear for men & women, I looove. Thank you berry much! Miaow.

Mighty Jeffry Campbell.

Next, the barbaric FANGS shirt is my latest favorite piece of Topshop Petite, because I just can't ever say no to animal prints and engraves. NOOO.

...And I wish your eyes catched my new signature velvet skirt, because it's A SNEAK-PEEK OF MY NEWEST PROJECT!
This will be available for sale --though it might be produced in limited number-- with the other unique pieces,
called The Riotous Belle by RIOTOUS, out this December! :) ...I hope you're as excited as I am :)


Anywaaay, you might have heard that Versace X H&M sold out only within 30 mins in Milan, and here's my girlfriend Cindy from Milan, she's giving away an amazing piece of Versace X H&M shirt and I'm joining her giveaway. Go check it out and join it too! :D

* All photos were taken by my talented little brother, Brian Imanuel.

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