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27 December 2011

Look what I got for Christmas!! Audrio bought me a guitar case! :) I was looking for one and have no idea he's gonna give me this fine hardcase... plus that cute Christmas doodle card he made. He really is the sweetest & most pinchable santa claus ever.

And thank you thank you for all the Christmas presents! I got lotssss of presents this month (the weirdest surprise present was when a postman delivered a big bag of fresh organic spinach, other fruits & veggies! LOL, a sweet reminder to stay healthy, I guess :)), also this lovely presents sent to my house. Thanksss!

Cute handmade owl doll from Ideku Handmade. Visit their creative blog! Thank you Kak Puri :)

A package of AntykButyk's newest collection! You really should check out their unique signature accessories, I am so gonna post their newest silver headband soon, coolness.

NEW SHOES! Thank you June & Julia for this pretty red platform heels!! *kisses*

ICE Watch from Gadis magazine :)

Calvin Klein vintage sunglasses, also from Gadis magazine! :D

Another glasses, this one's from ProOpticals ...

and more glasses...

..and more glasses! I got 3 new spectacles from ProOpticals, thank youuu! :D

That's all I got this Christmas and I'm so happy new stuffs are dominating my closet, haha! By the wayyy, thank you for coming to AUTUMN WIPE OUT at my cafe @NINOTCHKA_JKT, it was a huge crowds in my tiny cafe, and the bazaar was so fuuun! Gotta post the photos soon. See ya on the next event! :)

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