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  1. eh kak sonia masih sma ya ??
    keren banget blognya :D

  2. Wow so cool ! You really have an awesome style :D

  3. Riktigt snygga bilder och fin stil!

  4. @Fahrani: iya hihi, wah makasih :)

    @ Becky: thanks Becky :)

    @ Sandra: Hej Sandra, tack! :) Jag har besökt din blogg, till exempel en begÄvad konstnÀr du Àr;)

  5. Answer:
    Oh, I'm sorry for writing in Swedish. I find your blog on a Swedish frien's blog so I just assumed you were from Sweden too. I just looked at the picture and didn't have time to read.
    And yes, I'm from Sweden. Where are you from?

    That was a painting I did for my brother's birthday, so I hope he'll be happy for it. I just printed it and I'm going to send it to him tomorrow. :)

  6. @ Sandra: Haha yeaps no probs, Im Indonesian :D WOW, really, sure he'll be happy! you're so good, i love your painting :)

  7. Love. Ur. Blog. So. Muuuch! Anyway, visit mine ya kak...exchange links too?

    curious & marvelous

  8. soniaaaa, suka deh sama blog kamu, foto-foto kamu, style kamu, hihihi kamunya juga cantik. keep moving! :)

  9. @ Amira: Hehe done :)
    @ Ichi: makasi yaa :)


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