Crash and Burn.

Leather Jacket, Blue Malibu tank Forever 21, Ripped Jeans RIOTOUS

Crash and burn
All the stars explode tonight
How'd you get so desperate
How'd you stay alive...
Help me please
Burn the sorrow from your eyes
Oh, come on be alive again
Don't lay down and die...

(Malibu - Hole)


  1. love ur ripped jeans ....
    good luck for ur garage sale at Mazee Fx Oct' 22nd with another blogger. I'll go there and meet you for the 1st time. I can't wait !!!!!

  2. hi there (:
    lovely post and great pictures!
    I adore your shoes. xo, Lie

  3. what should i wear if i got fat legs ?? should i wear leggings???


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