A post representing my love towards latex pieces. :))

- latex could only be used for night events
- latex can't create a classy looks or otherwise, it makes your outfit looks cheap
- latex adds skanky touch to your outfits
- using latex piece for daily outfit is overrated

..But, let's not trapped in those fashion myths and rules. Wearing latex piece for day outfit, nude color works best to avoid the heavy appearance of latex, and adds gold accessories to match for night events :)

Here's latex top matched with leopard shorts and heels, could also be worn on day events and as long as you know when or where to wear it, it's not as sinful as they thought, I guess? :)

Have some fun with latex. They might say you can only wear 1 prominent item as the highlight of your look, and latex hold the role so don't dare to add anything extravagant. But as I've been saving this rare skirt, I'm gonna wear it with.... latex! :p


  1. i love love love love the latex on you. :) skinny pretty doll faced girl :)


  2. Hey Sonia,

    where do you manage to get that latex top on the 2nd outfit and the one with sheer? I am dying for them!


  3. the outfit looks perfect on you :)


  4. Gorgeous! Especially love the 2nd look-you are so pretty!
    xo Cara

  5. you are so pretty. can you post more often sonia, puhleaasee..

  6. gorgeous! love ur latex and leopard <3

  7. u rocked with those latex garment :)
    thanks for ure advices :)
    i love the last one , ure latex dress , so cute and vintage :)


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