The Revival Night

...Still the same day! Yea it was a long night, the Magnum Lounge was the opening of Clara Magazine's REVIVAL NIGHT show. And all I'm gonna say is, Congrats! The show rocks to the core! :D Lucky me, I got the backstage pass to peek the gorgeous avant-garde dresses before the show began. :)

Tex Saverio is a genius. And with one astonishing accomplishment he reached lately, designing Lady Gaga's dress for the cover of Bazaar *what more can I say?! :)*, I'm definitely stoked & so proud to have him as one of Indonesia's bestest avant-garde designers. And guess who I bumped into at the event...

Meeting my childhood friend Geofanny, which is now becoming one fabulous fashionista & fashion intern of Clara Magazine *way to go! :D* ...and of course, the mighty Tex Saverio!

Clara's team has been contriving the whole event soo good, I enjoyed every moment from beginning till the end. Especially, the fashion show was totally breath-taking. I love how they picked The Sigit's tunes (plus the ubercool choir!) for the show. Reminds me again how The Sigit suddenly came up from the backdrop curtains and I went 'Kyaa!' :)

The backdrop makes me want a projector even more. REALLYYY.

And as always, meeting these lovely fashion blogger friends there :D

Dimas Novriandi, Heidy Kalalo, Diana Rikasari, Bethany Putri, Ario Achda, me, Chekka and Cindy Karmoko (another Ceka ;p)


  1. These are amazing shot! Looks like the night was a blast. Tex Saverio is amazing!! <3


  2. I love Tex Saverio! He's so gorgeous :)

  3. ih foto2nya canggih bener!!!! hahahaha. aku bajak foto kita rame2 ya... love it so bad!!!!

    ps: kamu dan geofanny sm2 mantan penyanyi cilik dong ya? hihihihi

  4. wew....geofany...jadi inget jaman kecil klo liat dy :)
    banyak perubahannya ya dy :)

  5. i want to be like you, attending fashion events :)

  6. wow...Tex Saverio designs are soo fabulous..and he's still young!
    btw I often watch you, Geofanny, Saskia, etc on tv when I was child :)

  7. Wow - the show looks amazing!!! You are so lucky to have had a backstage pass!!


  8. Hahaha thanks all! Yess, Tex is a genius :D


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