Ultra Violent Violet.

I'm baaack :D Been awhile since I posted the last post, it's sooo torturing not to have laptop on your side for blogging, editing pictures & all my tasks seems to wait a little longer to be done because it's broken, with all the important data in it... and I'm so glad to have it back! :D

So it's gonna be 3 continuous posts, thank you Do Not Break for the dress, it fits me perfectly! I'm gonna wear this to Clara Magazine's event tonight. :)

Pretty dress! :D You should check it too, new webstore full of rave stuffs from cool local labels, click here:

Do Not Break's vintage cutting dress, Versace black boots

Another package came to my house, thank you Khaloong for these berry cute accessories! I crave for more, all those stuffs are just too cute, seriously! :D

Purple Bracelets Do Not Break (Jewel Rocks), Love & Skeleton Rings Khaloong, Copper Watch Fossil

Of course thanks to Urban Icon Store for the watch, it's definitely one of my favorite watches from your newest collection :D thank you for sending the stuffs, soo happyy, people are just so nice! Waaaittt, it's not just me, Khaloong also give YOU a special discount for being Riotous Belle's reader, aww isn't it just the sweetest of her? ;) Check out their cute stuffs below, happy shopping! ;)

get this discount, click click!


  1. love the dress glasses rings and watch! :)


  2. cute outfit n love ur boots xx

  3. love your versace boots <3
    nice outfit :)


  4. aww love the print of the dress!


  5. pretty dress! love your tights and boots too. :)

  6. Love the look! You look great <3 Amazing boots and dress!



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