Jakarta Fashion Week Day 1: Young and Vibrant Mazda Fashion Street!

The busy big roads. Cars & hustling walkers. Hectic landscape with tens of skyscrapers and beautiful city lights at night, truly describes the fast-paced city life in the heart of Jakarta. However, Mazda has completely outdone the opening of the first day Jakarta Fashion Week last night, by overcoming the impossible at the launch of their all-new & fashionable Mazda 2 SkyActiv: walking through the busy traffic of Jakarta, in style

The zebra cross itself is pretty 'famous' for fashion people because it connects two of the most favourite shopping malls, Plaza Senayan & Senayan City. (I'm sure most of us girls that live in Jakarta might have crossed here one or two times with big shopping bags in our hands feeling like Carrie Bradshaw. And you might also have imagined if the fashion week could've been held there. And finally it is!) I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but it perfectly combine two things that are very attached to Jakartan's lifestyle, which is Fashion and Automotive. 

Mazda is collaborating with local fashion designers such as Alex[a]Lexa, Hartono Gan, and Hunting Fields, presenting Young and Vibrant ready to wear fashion show. By reading the title it reminds me of the young & vibrant Mazda 2 SkyActiv. New and fashionable, designed for young and vibrant people to suit their stylish city lifestyle.

candid snapshot of me taken by the lovely Pupu Paula.

Important note! Mazda is holding a photo contest at Jakarta Fashion Week from 1st - 7th November 2014, you'll only have to take your best outfit snaps with The All New Mazda2 at their installation, upload it to your Instagram & Twitter mentioning @MazdaMotorID and win a chance to get prizes up to 10 millions per day! :)

Trying out the new Mazda 2 at their installation in front of Senayan City

For photo contest examples, you can check out my instagram or better, @MazdaMotorID instagram and their website www.zoomzoomlane.com for more info, good luck! :)


  1. I really love the quality of every of your blogpost's photos! They're all so amazing. And you're looking great as ever with that red outer! ;)


  2. Whoa an epic runway, was this for real?
    they even walked on the road between plaza senayan and senayan city
    i couldnt belive this.
    the spotlight just way too pretty. Euphoria good deeds indeed.

    and ah, anyway, can't wait to meet you on the workshop 9th nov
    also got the tix for JFW 2015, will come on 5th nov, wednesday

    see ya when i see ya :)


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  7. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)


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