Senayan City Style Maker Awards 2015: Social Media Darling!

Looking at these two beautiful trophies standing on the table reminds me again of what happened last night. It was the time of the year again, Senayan City's Fashion Nation & Style Maker Awards! Senayan City is the only mall I know to have the initiative to hold this kind of event where all fashion people gather for a whole week with non-stop fashion shows every night.

Fashion Styling award & Style Maker Awards as Social Media Darling 2015!

Andy, Gamal, and Audrey, my companion for the night. 

And we had a super fun styling competition between Bloggers versus Stylists, the challenge is to style all fast-fashion brands in Senayan City and put it together in one collection so it will look runway-ready, in just 6 hours from picking the stuff to having it on stage!

Earlier before the event with Mr. Ferry of Senayan City, gathering stuff for the runway. 
Excuse our no make-up morning faces!

with my favorite fashion stylist, Ajeng Svastiari, accidentally in all monochrome.

That's what we came up with Spring Summer presentation 2015, all from Senayan City fashion brands. At first, because we have a completely different styles, it was kind of hard to find a theme for the presentation. Luckily all in my team are fashion geniuses, and we all contributed in the right portion, we went with sort of preppy look with layerings of floral and pastel. Happy with the result!

My team: Anastasia, Ayla and Clara, taking group shot with the trophy after the event!

Then we went to the Style Maker Awards at the 7th level of Senayan City. Here's what happened later....


I heard my name called on stage as Senayan City 2015's Social Media Darling. What a great honor.

with Mr. Ferry, Dominique Diose, Dian Sastro, Andien, Rio Dewanto and Kelly Tandiono on stage.

with my bae Anas, at the event :)


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