An Afternoon with Franc Nobel

RIOTOUS leather top, Cottonink white legged pants, LV speedy bag

Meet the girls: Ayla Dimitri, Clara Devi, Pupu Paula and Ucita Pohan.

Attending launching brunch with the girls, held by Franc Nobel fine quality eyeglasses brand from Germany. 3 things that makes me happy for this new eyeglasses brand in town is that all of their designs are vintage-inspired, they have excellent service, and it's surprisingly affordable. Their eyeglasses pricing starts from Rp. 750.000,- including high-quality prescription lens and free shipping. Sweet! 

retro-inspired Chadwick with map printed on the back.

Pick your guy! Franc Nobel named their eyeglasses articles with cute British guys names and we were busy picking which guy suit us best *LOL*. My favourite is Dexter, Lennon, and Picasso. Which one's yours? Check out their collection here!

me wearing Picasso monochrome.

We had fun trying out those glasses and you can try it out too! As I mentioned earlier about the excellent service, they're not only provide cash on delivery service, they also want you to try before you buy. They have this home try-on system where you can choose your favourite pairs, and they will deliver it right to your house, you can try it out for 7 days and then make your choice! 

Marc Uthay and Christian Csermak as the founders of Franc Nobel, telling us the story of how it all started.

In the search of a prescription eyeglasses, I found Franc Nobel's fashion-forward design and sweet price to be a fresh alternative to your usual, boring and overpriced eyeglasses.


  1. Cute glasses! <3

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    Thank you :)

  2. Great style<3


  3. Nice! <3

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  4. the frame looks pretty <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. love that sunglasses that you try on! it suit your face nicely <3

    love, Diras
    fashion blogger

  6. You look stunning! Your glasses really suit you!

  7. Best selection of all

  8. Best selection of all

  9. haloo..
    Kamu punya karya design yang keren2 tapi bingung dimana kamu bisa share di komunitas yang tepat??coba deh fasilitas portofolio kami di . Gratis!


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