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It's been awhile since I had a free time alone at home. I woke up today and figuring out that I had a day off to watch some movies. I picked this indie Sundance Festival 2015 movie called 'People, Places, Things'. I had a complex feelings during the whole movie, all the feelings described in this movie is somehow so detailed yet so common. I feel a lot of connection with the story, especially the main character, Will Henry, a graphic novelist and an art & literature professor who had recently been through a divorce. 

Every scenes and emotions here are perfectly captured, through the pictures in the artworks that Will draws according to his lonely life, it's somewhat playful but sad at the same time. How he teaches his students at school shows a unique insight of his mind; everything is charmingly written.


The movie starts with a question, "Is happiness a sustainable condition?", as in Will's mind, there is no use of looking for happiness, because happiness is not a sustainable condition. You fell in love, it was fun, someday it just went away and you just need to deal with it. Struggling of living his loneliness,  finding new love and at the same time, wondering if his feelings for his ex wife, Charlie, ever really go away. It's a story of how young couple fell in and out of love, they handle confusion in relationship;  new love, break ups, letting go and moving on.

Will: You've been through this before… do they ever go away?
Diane: They do go away, you know.
Will: When?
Diane: Good luck, Will. It's nice while it's lasted.


Charlie: I'm afraid I'm making another mistake.
Will: I don't think of what we did as a mistake.
Charlie: It didn't work out.
Will: It did… and then it didn't.
Charlie: What is that mean?
Will: It means... you can never predict what's going to happen. Or how we're going to change.

Clement's awkward-but-cute character is a major charm to the movie. It's so effortless and believable. Overall it's a wonderful romantic comedy movie, all the dialogues are sincere and heart-felt, I even cried a bit. It's my new favourite movie and it's a Friday well-spent. I love today.


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