A music cover, ...and some movie blabber.

Made a new cover of my favourite artist, Gregory and The Hawk. Anyways, went out with Monik to grab some dinner today and watched the new movie  'The Martian', I don't always write a 'so-called' movie review but I got so excited after watching that I feel like writing about it. We got to pick between The Martian and Everest (at first I thought it was typically the same movie genre about disaster, stranded and surviving), I don't like watching movie trailers either because that's where all the awesome shots and big scenes got spoiled, and I'm more of a type who loves to be surprised just so I get twice the excitement (yes I take small things seriously when it comes to watching movies), in the mood of traveling to Mars rather than Everest so The Martian it is. Planning to watch Everest tomorrow though, there's nothing such as too many good movies in a week.

*mild spoiler alert, well this is just a commentary though.*

Here are things that makes me feel good every time I watch a movie:
- Awesome visuals and a good soundtrack within the first 3 minutes.
- A cliche sci-fi movie poster that misleads you or makes you go "hmm this is an Interstellar kind of movie"
- A plot that proves all your expectations wrong. I love to be proven wrong all the time.

And The Martian checks all the boxes. I actually enjoyed this better than the previously famous space flicks like Interstellar and Gravity (or Prometheus which also made by Ridley Scott). There is a connection happening in the movie that feels effortlessly engaging without overselling the drama, like the family matter or sentimental romance. Like when a movie brings out father and daughter theme, or when the character is dying, of course everyone could easily feel relatable with that, but this movie survived without it.

No unnecessary scenes, no unnecessary characters. Not that I don't like antagonists, but you know sometimes the writers got lazy and ruined a good movie by putting an unnecessary villain character with shitty motives like money, or 'conquering the humankind', just because. (Or in Interstellar case, there is Matt Damon's purely horrible character as Mann, a selfish astronaut who has no intention of being in the story other than to cover a plot hole, by creating it.) But again, that thing does not happen in this movie. Well, let's just assume everyone in this world is a nice person. Let's assume everyone in NASA has good intentions. Every character is well-thought, there's no suddenly insane character that left the audience no choice besides saying "oh well maybe he's just crazy". There are still problems to solve. Everything is cleverly put in the right portion, and it's a pure entertainment. Matt Damon was awesome, and all the casts did a great job, they actually wowed you, and I love the fact that those amazing actors are just one little factor of why you should check it out.

So yeah, maybe I got extra energy from coffee that I ended up writing bunch of this stuff tonight, but having my expectations exceeded is one of the thing that made my day. Sometimes I could get so attached by a movie that I'm afraid one or two things in the middle of the movie could go wrong (I don't know why the hell I care so much). I've seen some sci-fi movies that are too afraid to bore the audience so they coat it with drama or action when the plot starts to get dull, it's like "Shhh let's not confuse the audience by using complicated science terms, here let us give you actions! and drama!" Nope. This is the type of movie that goes "THIS IS SCIENCE, LET'S BLOW SHIT UP". Nothing cheesy, nothing boring, and could easily be my favourite movie, it's a good movie to start a new month. It contains so much positivity that I didn't stop smiling throughout the whole movie. The least thing I could complain is how many times Watney complained about Lewis' 70s playlist, because shut up Watney, that playlist is awesome. (And I'll buy the album so I can play it back-to-back with my Guardian of the Galaxy soundtrack playlist.)


  1. This song is so cute, and your voice is beautiful!


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  3. been so long since your last cover! Always love hearing your voice!

    Deasy Tantra

  4. nice artikel, bole nih berita nya bermanfaat..thanks bro

  5. beautiful voice, enak banget di dengernya

  6. You got a really good voice, i think you should join some Audition.

  7. Your Voice is a real deal, you're not just beautiful, but you really had some great talent :)

  8. Whoa!! Surprisingly i also don't like watching trailers! Definetely will watch it after reading this :)



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