RIOTOUS 2015: Passive Aggresive Lookbook

Photographer: Brian Imanuel
at my home studio.

A few of new articles that I designed at RIOTOUS, available to purchase by email or text. I also have a giveaway of the last dress on my instagram, make sure you join it! Follow the instagram @riotousthelabel for daily updates on the new stuff! :)


  1. aaah i love the photoshoot! you look so edgy, Sonia! i envy your home studio

    Pretty Messed Up

  2. Your home studio is just awesome! I wish I could have one someday :)
    Anyway success for your clothing line, Rioutous! You are such a darling inspiration for independent young women!<3

  3. Great collection kak! and I really like your home studio :)
    Good look with your clothing line, you have all my support :)

    Deasy Tantra

  4. I love your minimalistic designs! I want a supercool self made home studio like yours maybe some tips?

  5. great shots <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  6. makasih yah atas informasinya, jangan lupa kunjungi blog aku juga.

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