Feels like staying at home today. Impulsively bought canvas and paint. After trying out watercolor, I was curious to try acrylic painting. Dad used to spend hours at the attic to paint back then when I was a kid and I just realised how therapeutic painting is. Like singing or all other things that I used to see as a thing you have to be good at to do it, though actually you can just open your mouth and sing when you're alone, or you can pick your brushes and put some paints on the canvas when you feel like it. It's not for impressing people and you don't have to care if you're good or not good at it, as long as you're enjoying it. It's more like a getaway, an escape you do for yourself rather than something you do for people. 

Speaking of doing something for yourself, I finally did something I've been wanting to do for a long long time yesterday, went to the cinema, watch a movie and had dinner alone. Told this to my mom and she joked "Stop being pathetic. Just ask your friend to go out with you, what's the fun in doing things all by yourself." Strangely, I can say it's one of my new favourite thing to do and I'll be doing more of this in the future. There is an independent feeling in doing things on your own and it's something I haven't done in a very long time. That feeling when you're driving alone, watch a movie alone, sit and read a book alone, even eat alone and the waiter asked if anyone is joining you and you answer "nope, one person only". It feels like I'm celebrating solitude by taking myself on a date and each 'self-date' brings me closer to knowing what I actually love to do. It might sound like a narcissistic / selfish person thing to do but it's not that I don't like a companion or being around people, but I can really appreciate my solitary rituals. It's empowering when you're usually dependant to something or someone, and someday you have to do it on your own and you pull it off. You'll find out that you can actually survive. You'll find out that it's not bad, it's not bad at all. 

Anyway, I went to watch Selfless and I loved it. Despite the pretty cliche ending for a twisty storyline, I loved the way Tarsem Singh translated tiny literal details into visual beautifully, the kind of details that you unconsciously pay attention to when your mind is wandering, as tiny as a person's blinking habit, or a reflection on the coffee spoon, or what the person next to your table is talking about. It's artistically pleasing and I even enjoyed it better than other sci-fi movies on cinema earlier this month (Lucy and Oblivion), it deserves bigger hype and a slightly higher rating in my opinion.

Went to Brightspot with Monica and watched the gory Black Mass with Marcell yesterday (all the big names got our hopes high but then it felt pretty boring due to the slow pace). Did a skincare shopping because I'm so lucky to have this beauty-junkie friend who told me what to try and what to buy, so I'm trying out Novexpert peeling night cream tonight, and if it's good I'll make a review later :)


  1. Doing things on your own is highly underrated. It just shows you're comfortable in your own skin.


  2. Wow I've never considered doing things alone like that and maybe that would be something I should try in the future. Sometimes me time is the best theraphy.



  4. Your painting is beautiful even though you make it for no one, but yourself

  5. Go to a cinema and nice restaurant alone is the best thing! I love to do it even though some of my friends said that it's kinda pathetic but I don't think so. It's good to have a "me time" and lost in our own world for a while :)

  6. Finally someone made a post about this! I did those things (went to every places by myself) from long time ago because if I depend on my friends to hangout or such, I'll never go anywhere. So hard to match with everyone schedule and taste. Also it's give me more freedom! Let's celebrate the sweetness of depending on ourself!!!


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