I just realised I rarely share my personal life outside the 'blogging' life anymore. This blog has been a space where I share my personal musings and activities, and I feel like I should share more, outside my usual fashion and outfit posts. What do you think? :)

Last week one of my favourite brand from Japan, Uniqlo contacted me to style their latest collection in collaboration with Hana Tajima. I was quite surprised and challenged, as Hana Tajima is a well-known Japanese muslim / modest wear fashion designer, and I have never styled a modest wear before. I was psyched because it's a new experience. The awakening of the modest wear has been huge, especially in where I live, Indonesia. The trend for Muslim wear nowadays is modern, younger-looking, yet still modest. For me, I also prefer my outfits to be mostly covered at all time (or as my friends said that my outfits are always in 'Fall - Winter' collection even though it's always summer here in Indonesia.) I can't deny my huge interest in layered silhouette, chunky coats and fluffy sweaters, and I agree that being covered doesn't mean you can't look current and fashionable. So yes, I'd be happy to style the fashion presentation! :)

The briefing was to style the collection for the Hijab / non-Hijab looks, because Hana Tajima's collection is so versatile and current that even the non-hijab can wear it too. I fell in love at the first glance of the collection: Culottes. Turtle-neck. Denim. Mustard, grey and brown color palette (which is my main favourite pallete!). All the looks are so effortless and easy that you can pretty much pair it with everything and it still looks good. Also, the breathable fabrics that allow you to do layering without worrying that it could be too thick or uncomfortable. I end up eyeing things for myself and for me, my favourite pick would be: 
- the white and black turtle neck sweaters; I can never have enough sweaters.
- ALL. THE. CULOTTES; the denim, the white one, and the mustard coloured one. 
- the denim and white jacket
- all the colourful and patterned socks

My inspiration comes from the root of the brand Uniqlo, pot raying a basic and wearable Tokyo street style. Simple, yet looks so pleasant. I paired each look with white sneakers and eye-popping socks to make it schoolgirl preppy.

For myself, I'm wearing my Keds x Kate Spade collaboration polkadot sneakers. A simple life guide: Polkadot  pattern never fail to make my day, and I'd love to have it on my shoes, where I can look at it every time. This is my happy shoes.

The left one is a preppy 70s with a denim jacket, turtle-neck sweater and mustard coloured culottes, I added a pair of polkadot socks for a fun touch. The right one is the effortless Tokyo style, because a plain shirt and a denim pants maybe too plain, and the third piece never hurt anyone. Fun to try!

I love how basic the Hana Tajima collection is, you can wear the black sweater and white pants and you're good to go. I added a pair of red socks as a twist of quirkiness to this monochrome outfit.
The right one is a boyish chic look with a basic Uniqlo white t-shirt with pants and denim jacket. And as I imagine a Fall-Winter season, that's where the beanie and shawl does its trick.

For the hijab looks, I combined the layered it with long outerwear, both are wearable with maxi skirt or flare pants. The sneakers and socks make it look playful and young, and I added the light coloured head scarfs so that it won't look too heavy.

These are the overall collection I styled for Uniqlo x Hana Tajima. There are different personalities and different tips on layering on each looks. They can go simple, vintage, edgy or boyish. Which ones are your favourite? :) Let me know! 


  1. wah, makin sukses Son :) Seneng bisa liat nge style-in Uniqlo. Semoga soon bisa dilihat di catalognya Uniqlo. I choose number 5 from your last picture. SUKSES SELALU YAH!

  2. Nice styling! I love it!

  3. Suka banget sama stylenya! Sukses selalu Kak Son :D

  4. Design yg simple tapi menarik..sis. investasi lahan keluarga di San Diego Hills memorial Park bebas biaya perawatan dan kebersihan selamanya klik San Diego Hills

  5. lovely looks <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  6. I like the way you show your self in this blog, iam so excited
    Ci son with chubby cheeks and baby dolly hair 😻😻

  7. Love how you taking a pict kak son! and of course your style or styling, makin sukses kak Sonia !
    if you don't mind you also can visit mine

    thankyou :)

  8. Always like the way you styled alk these basics to be something more different

  9. My favourite one is effortless Tokyo style. i loved it! and also the hijab style


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