A bit of my life updates.

Just in case you're wondering, life has been crazy these couple of weeks that I wish I can divide myself into two and not die. That's quite dark for this cheery blog, sorry. But it's been fun. Anyway, here is a brief update of things I've been doing when I'm not blogging:

1. Going from places to places. Catch me at Wondernesia on TLC!
I brought my girl Mae with her TLC team to go around Jakarta and discover the hidden but hype places to go shopping, vinyl hunting, jewellery making, hammering shit and all that kind of stuff. Sounds fun? It is! It's airing and you can still watch the rerun this week.


  1. Ganbatte! Looking forward to read the book :))

    Big Dreamer

  2. I've been your reader since im in 7th grade junior high school, and created my own blog because i'm inspired by you. I would like to read travel journey, blogging tips, love story and recipes!

    Can't wait for your book launching :D I hope i can come if there is! Best luck :)


  3. OMG I'm so happy for your book! It is gonna be dope for sure. Look how big you are... one thing that I wanted to see from your blog is the fact that you are still humble although you've made it this far... Or your stories how to move on from depressing experiences, perhaps?

    Much love,

  4. I can't wait for the books!! :)) Good luck sonia


  5. I've been reading your blog since second year of middle school and now i'm in college and i can't be more excited for your book! I want to see your favorite thrift shops from places you've ever been to, lots of DIY, and your personal stories like things that inspire you, your favorite books, your cafe, basically anything!

    Good luck, kak sonia! :D

  6. what a cover <3 how i love your voice!


  7. I love yor blog and you are the reason why I started blogging <3 Now you are launching a book and I can't wait to purchase it! You should include how to DIY your own embroidery because I saw you made some and it looks so good! Also how to customize your own beret and tips to how to start your own fashion line. Please share your jakarta thruft shop locations become I never jnow where to go to thrift:)


  8. I'm looking forward for you book, good luck sonia :)

  9. A book?! Ok, i will wait for that >_<
    Visit mine ❤️

  10. Fashion www.keluarga.shopp.id

  11. A BOOK? When it's published, I will definitely buy it as soon as possible. So lucky...:'D a book, though. Anyway, I want to see thrift stores around Jakarta and tips how to save money, especially for student with limited pocket money! And how you managed to go travelling with your own money, I'd appreciate that. Your favourite books and movies (that should be ours too!), your favourite lifestyle blogger outside Indonesia, HOW TO PUT OUR THOUGHTS INTO WRITING because writing is hard, pretty please. Any useful tips, basically. Also tell us about your childhood and likes! Woah, this is going to be an endless list, so sorry for a super long post and request! Good luck!!

  12. It must be good to read your thrift shopping tips on a book. Things about behind the scene of your blog posts, how you start your business, fashion tips, thrifty life. Well, everything from you is interesting ^^

  13. Wow! Can't wait to have your book ^_^ Good luck Sonia.

  14. Looking forward to it, Good luck! :)

    I love the cover song of Hello of yours. :)

  15. can't wait.. i really need that kind of book <3


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