Treasure of The East

A bold cultural fusion of Japan on Sebastian Gunawan's latest runway show.

The show was opened with a Kabuki mask printed Cheongsam dress, a cultural fusion all over the East with bright colours and quirky illustrations such as the Japanese Kabuki and monkeys which come from the Fire Monkey year, it's bold and it stole my heart.


There is nothing quirkier than a Cheongsam dress with Monkey holding a Chinese porcelain riding a Flamingo.

Unpredictable 3D flower detail on the back.

So many statement pieces I'd love to have!

There are also patterns preserving the early ages heritage and tradition, such as Chinese embroidery, vintage porcelain, and Phoenix, which symbolise all the good things; grace, luck and happiness.


Last night's collection consisting Sebastian Gunawan's signature feminine silhouette with lace fabric, yet unpredictably fun variation of Cheongsam from combining quirky prints and putting an edgy touch with jumpsuits and capes.

One of my favourite of the night.


Wearing Cheongsam dress by Sebastian Gunawan for the night, combining it with a dark red lipstick.

With the man himself, Sebastian Gunawan, and Rosalindynata Gunawan, Anastasia and Pupu Paula.


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