Video: Fame Fatale Look

SONIA ERYKA X MAKE OVER: A New Lipstick Collaboration.

Just in case you haven't heard, I'm collaborating with Make Over for their matte lipstick line, and I'm representing the dark, winey red, Fame Fatale. I don't think my love and obsession for dark lipsticks will ever fade. I gave it a try before it was launched (one of the perks I love about blogging?) and of course, this dark red lipstick feels like it's made specially for me, because I can do A LOT with it: from a 20's vintage glam to 90's grunge.

My make-up for the event: a light eye make-up using Enchanting Nude Spell eyeshadow, cat-eye eyeliner, and Fame Fatale lipstick, all by Make Over.

I teamed up with Make-Over & Lavie Lash to hold a super fun luncheon + make-up workshop for girls, where I share my make-up tips accompanied by the make-up expert to give them a certified make-up class. I also shared my daily photography tips to maximise your social media content. The whole event was hosted by my dear friend Ucita Pohan so I enjoyed the ultimate girls time there! 

I did an experiment photo session afterwards, I honestly didn't expect THAT much of enthusiasm, it was definitely super fun and I had a good time! The girls brought home prizes, Make Over & Lavie Lash products, and make-up certificate. Thank you sooo much for joining Sonia Eryka X Make Over class :)

Me and my giant Fame Fatale lipstick! :)


  1. Before your denim hair...
    I always love your dark lips. And every color of your hair actually...

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