the day i dye

The process of balayage denim hair.

Got featured on Vogue Italia on denim hair trend! So here I share you guys a video tour of Andreas Zhu's super chic salon, and the process of turning my hair from natural black to balayage silver blue hair or (as what Vogue called, 'Denim Hair'). I'm trusting it to the expert, Andreas Zhu Salon for bleaching & colouring without damaging my hair and leaving it still unbelievably smooth after hours of such treatment (they're using Olaplex). For my shoulder length bob, I spent 4 hours total at the salon. 

+ Andreas Zhu Salon
@andreaszhusalon on instagram 
Jl. Pluit Putri No.2, Pluit, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia


  1. I just went for the denim hair trend too. They just put a rinse over my existing colour so it was a fairly quick process for me? Are you enjoying your new look, I think you look amazing! x

  2. Warm greeting aja deh from toko jaket kulit murah in Bandung.. sorry bahasanya gado-gado.. he he he..

  3. seruuu liat vidionya...dan hasil nya kerenn banget kk.....

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