MELBOURNE: food hunting

First day of Melbourne. Right after we landed from a long haul flight, we took no time to rest and decided to jumped straight into Uber. After a friendly chit-chat with the driver (we joined in a random phone call with his friend, and he also shared us a glimpse of what Tinder dating scene like in Melbourne. Useful information.), he suggested Naked for Satan for some tapas in the middle of the day while enjoying the Melbourne view from the rooftop. We had no idea where to go, and it sounded like a wonderful advice.

We were welcomed by an antique European interior, and a wall full of vintage nude pictures of men and women. Charming first impression. Melbourne was so quiet that day that we could even hear the sound of the wind and people chit-chatting on the street from the rooftop. Only a few passerby and bikers were around. Enjoying tapas with a beautiful city landscape, old buildings and zero car horns. I felt like I can definitely live here already.

We wandered around Fitzroy a little bit and found this nice coffee & brunch place, Sir Charles. We decided to stop by and give it a try. We tried a festive Eton Mess dessert waffle with colorful meringues on top. Ayla decided to split from the group for a shopping time while me and Alika were still so determined in our food hunting journey, so we went to the infamous Menya gyu tan don and N2 gelato dessert literally by the sewer (it was worth it.) We kind of bonded by our mutual love of foods.


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