A Day at Home

appreciating solitude, featuring Benny Lim from Nomina Pic.

I just got back from my Tokyo trip. Totally miss waking up to the view of crowded and sunny Shibuya, walking to train station every morning, random conversations with new people, dressing up like crazy for nobody else but myself, and doing everything else I've been doing for the past two weeks. Everything I learned when I was there was priceless. But who am I kidding, staying at home is another level of luxury. It took me a week to go back from "I want an open-ended ticket and go travel the world" to being my complete opposite side, a stay-at-home. 

I am a hardcore home person. Some days when I feel like avoiding human interaction and doing random act of isolation, I could stay at home for two months straight, and keep myself well entertained (this is what a combination of being easily pleased and socially awkward has made me). We tend to take free things for granted when actually staying at home is the best thing ever, so here are some ideas of things you can do when you're at home or wondering what to do from the cancelled plan:

1. Finish those unread books
2. Netflix & peaceful hours of internet browsing
3. Extra cuddle time with your pet
4. Try new food recipes even if you can't cook
5. Buy canvas even if you have zero skill in painting
6. Hang a hammock in your bedroom
7. Learn how to play ukulele
8. Take a long deep bath
9. Play some 60s songs and pretend you live in that moment
10. Make popcorn
11. Invite your squad in to hang out instead of going to the mall
12. Take a whole day break from your phone
13. Make plans
14. Finish a box of crayons
15. If you give up on failed cooking recipe, there is always Chinese take-out.
16. Reorganise your clothes
17. Change your bedroom arrangement
18. Watch classic movies you've always wanted to watch but never have time for
19. Mix your ice cream with liquor
20. Or make yourself a nice cup of tea
21. Order a box of pizza that you don't have to share with anyone
22. Try the 'Clueless' make-over scene to yourself
23. Call your girl friends, instead of chatting online.
24. Discover different corners in your home that could possibly be a comfortable reading nook
25. Sit outside your house for a while to realise there are plenty of things you can pay attention to than just your phone screen

Once you mastered the art of doing nothing while actually doing so much more for yourself, staying in is the new going out. I will deliberately cancel plan to do those things on the list. Are you a home-person too, and what's your best staying at home ideas you have in your mind?


+ Photoset by NOMINA PICS
Photographer: Benny Lim
Make-up: Lala Barbie

+ Planetarium dress vintage
+ Sunglasses Minkpink


  1. great pics as always! also, love the vintage vibes ka Son! ;)


  2. I love this photoshoot so much! I love what you wore here <3


  3. Yass new post from you! Finally! Welcome back home! <3

    i'm a home-person too. My best idea to stay at home is staying at my bed all day long lol


  4. I really enjoy tjose kind of activities too when I'm at home. I enjoy kind of me-time with listening to relaxing music and watch some movies.


  5. why you're so cool omg<3 Love the planetarium dress^^so cool!
    I feel like I'm wasting away my time if I don't spend my day outside...But If I go outside, I'll waste my money, so I'll ended up feeling guilty too..Probably the best me-time in home is playing 3ds and sewing clothes while listening to chili peppers hahah^^ xx


  6. the photos looks so beautiful <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/

  7. super adorable with short grey hair + polkadot sweater! x

    Isle of View

  8. That is so gorgeous! thanks for sharing...


  9. Hi, Sonia!
    Probably, this post is one of my most favorite posts of yours! Since all you wrote down there are what I need right now.
    Usually, I'm fine with doing nothing...
    But lately, I just can't calm my self down. Feel like I'm rushing everything... even when I sleep.
    I will definitely try no. 7, 12 and 17!

    Waiting for your new post. Kisses from Tokyo! xx


  10. Thanks for sharing. I am a stay at home person too haha.



  11. I love staying at home and recently I seek through DIY watercolor tag on pinterest and try to do it myself. It's funn.

    The permadani looks comfortable /grins/

  12. 4,5,7 that's totally me kak :D


  13. Me too! Kind of home person. Mostly I will just call my girl friends, make few cups of coffee for ourselves, then have a chit chat for hours.

  14. I really love your hair style


  15. I can sleep all day long. Or watch serial tv 10 episodes in one day. Holy moly~~

  16. 26. Listen to a music album thoroughly, read the lyrics, and try to interpret it


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