Sun Trails

Bali! Oversized buttoned up shirt with light fabric will always be my go-to beach outfit. Not only it is because I'm basically brainwashed from 90's music videos believing that the chemistry between oversized shirts and beach is inevitable, I'm also loving the impression of looking put together despite the  lack of effort needed (you don't even have to button up all those buttons on your shirt properly.) You can also pull it off -effortlessly- as a swimsuit cover-up. On your next vacation, remember to bring an oversized shirt with you, and leave that boring sundress at home.

Wearing pale washed denim shirt and high waist cut skirt both from New Look for a light and easy vacation vibe.



  1. Adorable as always! Have a nice holiday Sonia! By the way, I was thrilled and to be gobsmacked about your little bruh's news everywhere! what a lad


  2. Lovely outfit! Love your sandals <3

  3. I love your outfit here <3

  4. I absolutely like your look here. anyway, seems like you really enjoy your holiday there. happy holiday!

  5. I love your sandals so much! It looks adorable.

  6. simple yet really cool outfit<3 love the shots! x


  7. Lovely outfit! The buttoned up shirt looks great on you x

  8. Wow, nice place for a cool picture.
    All of the picture.
    We mean it.

    Where you get references to go?

  9. Thank you guys! <3

    MJ: Thanks! :) I usually take pictures around my house or places I happen to be around hehe :)


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