Quick-Fix Challenge!

A video in which I try out things and review it straight to you guys! In this video I talked & shamelessly showcasing my pimple because:
a) pimple is natural, we all have it.

The acne-free 3 days challenge does sound so inviting, so I tested it out. On the second day, the pimple is reducing in redness and it's no longer hurt to touch. and on the third day, it is completely gone without leaving any dryness in my skin. The formula is different than the usual acne gel I found, the ones that usually contain alcohol and caused a cool, stinging sensation when in contact with skin.

Learning from my many many experience trying out different kinds of acne solution, that kind of product dries out pimple just the same amount of time but leaves my skin dry & flaky. This one however, is definitely not the same. I continue using it on my entire face even when I have no pimple because it works as a moisturiser just feels good in my skin.

This is an honest review and actually I didn't expect this much change in such a short amount of time, especially coming from an affordable beauty product. I underestimated it at first, but a proof is a proof! So if you're asking for a quick and harmless fix to your pimples, it doesn't hurt to try this one out. I tested it and it worked.

Visit here for more info about this product. Thank you @ClaudiaGisma, @Gachie_ and @NatasiaOen for stepping into the challenge with me! Xx


  1. Hi Kak Sonia ! Baru nonton videonya, Mulai besok aku juga bakalan ikut 3 Days challenge buat ngilangin jerawat. WIsh me luck xoxo

  2. you slept with a makeup on..? and proudly announcing it on blog? wouldn't that setting a bad example here?

  3. @Tika: Yay! Would love to hear how it goes! :)

    @Anonymous: I shared my story of how I got my pimple = I forgot to remove my make-up one night and that's a pretty logical statement that sleeping with make-up on is bad. (though feel free to take it as an encouragement.) *rolls eyes fabulously*


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