Video: Relationship Goal

(My greatest love story may require traveling abroad, dancing with strangers, and donuts.)

Spending a day alone at the Moomba Festival, and my long-distance best friend, Gilbert, joined me after his class to try a Magic Circus ride. We ended the night watching fireworks. I stayed at Lucy & Gonzalo's house, a lovely puppet artist / painter couple with two adorable kids. Lucy gave me a note of her designer friends for me to visit & Gonzalo introduced me to a Spanish traditional mate. During my stay, I was lucky to witness their youngest baby take his first step for the first time.

Being single for quite some time now, I can say I'm in the happiest state I've ever been. Despite today's love-and-relationship oriented standard of 'relationship goals', meaning to have someone beside you to do everything with, people might ignore the cruciality of having a good balance. Have some time with yourself as much as the time you need to be with other people. Get to know yourself. Take yourself on a date. Fall in love with yourself. To be happy in whatever state I am, with or without company, to love and accept myself, to feel enough, is my relationship goal.

music: Moon Song - Karen O cover
vocal, ukulele & guitar by me


  1. I dont know why but your vlog makes me reminisce about my childhood and gives me this warm feeling in my stomache!

  2. This vlog and and that last paragraph got me feeling some kinda way!

  3. sometimes, we need a me-time too, i do agree with your thoughts this time, Sonia <3


  4. Son, bikin video tutorial how you edit your photos and video
    soalnya aku suka banget sama tone foto dan video kamu :)

  5. Absolute love <3 The only way we can honor other people's presence is by honoring (and therefore, loving) ourselves first. Thankful to be here and witness your vid :) Cheers.

  6. Hey, I found myself a pure happiness by watching your cover video with this magical twist! Please do create more stuff like this <3 I loooove you!!

    xx from Tokyo,


  7. Hi Sonia, I haven't watched Moomba Festival. Could you post a little bit stories about this wellknown Melbourne festival? :-)

  8. Love the video, the song and the calm that you can feel watching it. Relationships are not only boyfriend-girlfriend but what you build with friends and complete strangers.
    Best of luck !

  9. Love the audio, and visual, good combination though

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    Bermain Dan mendapatkan Untung banyak

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