Frida Kahlo: Love and Pain

"The more pain she felt, the more elaborate her outfits were."
Looking through Frida Kahlo's struggle and witnessing how she transformed it into art.
(Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo.)

Went to see 'Frida Is...' exhibition, a photography series of Frida Kahlo's closet & possessions documented by a Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako, being displayed for the first time after being locked down for 50 years.

Above is her favourite dress, and prosthetic leg with red boots which she designed herself. A friend said, "The more pain she felt, the more incapacitated she became, the more elaborate her outfits were." It's interesting to see Frida's hopefulness on life captured from these series of her personal items, and learning her deep connection for fashion beyond just something on the surface, she seized control of it and used it as something powerful to overcome her struggle.

Frida's used body cast in which she painted bones, veins, colorful organs with leaves on it. She experienced multiple horrifying accidents and lived in pain her whole life, but love is her biggest source of inspiration to create. It left me with uneasy feeling seeing how much pain she endured, but at the same time showing how her powerful mind transformed it into art.

Frida Kahlo's hand-painted cigarette case.

”I want to be 
inside your 
- Frida Kahlo

Ginza walk.


Taken by Ivan Kovac.

On the top of Mori Art Museum.

(taken with Contax T2, developed and scanned at Bic Camera.)


  1. I've always dreamed of living in Japan, or at least studying there. I envy you big time.


  2. Great Japanese it!
    Cute, funny but amazing :D ... will be better with this fashionista!

  3. Ow, I wish I could live and Japan. That city just gorgeous.

  4. woaah. she's great in term of being passionate. She has a heart on art. I envy you SONIA to met like her. :)

  5. Sonia, I read about Frida's biography novel after her bio was filmed and her role was played by Salma Hayek when I was in college. It was amazing to imagine about how she struggled with polio and post accidental multitrauma, and also the infidelity of her own husband with her own sister.

    But looking into Ishiuchi's photograph about Frida's boot to cover her own polio leg astonished me that she suffered more than the novel could describe to me.

    Poor this lady.

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  7. I really like exhibiton like this, and even like it more because it's something related to Frida Kahlo.


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