How To: Pick Up Guys

Some untrustworthy dating advices from a 23 year-old single girl.

Get in, girls... We're going to get BOYS.

Sunday Sunday t-shirt, vintage dancing skirt I got from Florida, Wego socks, Converse sneakers.

In a wild jungle of dating apps and many other socializing options, I'm still single. I finally come to realise, is online dating actually effective, or making it even harder for me to look for a decent relationship? Swiping is too easy for challenge-seeker like me and for the sake of making this article more interesting, let's eliminate that option off the list. As if the irony is not crystal clear, here is a confirmation: here I am staying in on a Saturday night with my Carrie Bradshaw complex, writing an essay on how to attract a male human like I know it better than anyone else. Here are some tips I gathered on how to get a human to date.

Too shy? Get yourself a t-shirt that will do the pick-up line for you.

How To Get Yourself A Date (some tips from a 23 year-old single girl.) :

- Do I wear too much make-up? Do I wear too little make-up? Either it took you 2 hours attempting the 'Instagram' brows and still failed, or you don't feel good without your usual contour kit, there is nothing is wrong with that. You might scare off potential dates with your appearance, those who are intimidated with the way you look are the ones you wouldn't be attracted to anyway. Time to let the boys know that blue lipstick means SsSseduction.

- Start a conversation with things that are currently bothering your mind, instead of the usual "Is this seat taken?", try "Do you think soul is recyclable?" or "Are we living creatures are just livestock of the earth?" 

SHOWCASE THAT FREAK FLAG.  Don't waste your time trying to fit in. Fitting in means being undetected to potential soulmate.

- Wear an instant ice-breaker. If you're awkward and not into talking, wear a passive ice-breaker such as this shirtor your favorite cartoon character tee that your mom has been begging you to throw away, or your sparkly 80's sequin jacket that everyone else say it's repulsive, WEAR IT. That might do the first pick-up line for you.

Go to places with no wi-fi or reception. Next to 'online dating', wi-fi is sort of a suicide cliff for a person who craves adorable fictional scene meet-cute stories, and I feel for that. Initiating eye contact & conversation is the most important thing in meeting new people, and none of it could happen when you're in a room full of people with their eyes attached on their phones. Deliberately go to places with no reception, and go make an actual conversation. Please consider that this might be not the wisest plan if you're going home with Uber. So, do plan ahead.

If you're planning on going to the library on a designated mission to find a cute, poetic hipster looking guy, abort that mission. The world is sadly not a Wes Anderson movie. Spend a good time with yourself, stay busy while expanding your friend circle. Sign up for niche things you like. The smaller the circle, the closer the chance you'll meet the weirdo who like stuff you do. An improv class community, or a club for picking up trash on Sunday while taking care of neighborhood's obese dogs? That could be the light at the end of your love life tunnel, girl! New experiences will also enrich your single life even when the love thing still doesn't work out. Go and try everything! Human-sacrificing cult is the limit!

- DON'T be available. Contradicting every advice you've read anywhere else, being 'too available' might not end well sometimes. There are plenty of fishes in the sea, but what if you want a lobster?! This is as far as I can go with my 'Live, Laugh, Love' cliche advices, but maybe the reason why you're single is not because you're not looking approachable, but simply because you haven't find what you're looking for. Once you figure that out, you won't waste your time on anything rather than that. Sounds ridiculous, but it will save so much on your time and  undergoing unnecessary emotional labour.

Are these advices guaranteed to get you a date?
Probably not. This will probably make them shy away or even might scare them off. Maybe this piece is actually an advice on how to be single forever, which is expected because all these advice came from a person who is currently taking the dating world as a social experiment. Will it succeed, or will it fail? Nobody has scientifically proven this method yet, but one thing I believe is natural selection. Live life where you can be as yourself as possible and the only person who keeps up with it, or better, finds it fascinating, is the chosen one. If you've been doing all that and still single, maybe you've been staying away from unwanted relationships and you're in the right lane. 

Update on life: Landed in Tokyo to accompany my brother  who is currently working for his new music video. We walked around and checked out some vinyl records and he managed to find one of his favourite hip-hop artist's vinyl and brought it home. Not far from the record store, I stumbled upon this thrift store called 'Florida', where I found this festive circle skirt, I believe this was once worn for dancing. You know the liberating feeling every time you're wearing circle skirt and it will make anyone in it won't stop twirling, it's simply magic. I wrote it on my previous trip that Shimokitazawa is one main area in Tokyo with huge selection of thrift stores, so I also took some time to check out some of my favorite thrift stores around here. Will post more of my thrift store finding on the next post.



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