Blindfold Styling Challenge.

That day when you feel like wearing shirt as skirt, 
and wear 4 different neon colors at once, because why not.

Vintage blazer, Vintage pompom beanie hat, vintage shirt worn as skirt, Love Bonito top, 
Kate Spade laptop bag

Clashing colors & contradicting rules never felt this good.

Some days when I don't know what to wear, I made a game for myself where I blindly pick 2 items, and then try to style it. This will end up in me wearing old stuff in unexpected way, including clashing more patterns, colors, and defying the 'fashion rules'. Can you still look good when you're clueless about fashion rules? My answer is yes, because rules don't exist and fashion is for everyone.

So I picked up a vintage buttoned-up shirt, and a blue pompom beanie hat. Challenge accepted. Today I'm wearing two shirts and no pants. Tying my buttoned-up on my waist and made it as skirt because of the fun pattern and color it has, pairing it with my black top and heels, adding a velvet blazer and the blue pompom beanie. And if you're expecting something even more over-the-top, I added this fuchsia bag to complement my orange hair.

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Wear:

1. Close your eyes and grab two (or three, if you're being fearless) random things in your closet.
2. Get creative. Find new ways to wear it differently. Wear top as pants, wear pants as hat, whatever. 
3. Tell yourself in a calm, cool and collected manner, "No, you have to be smart, especially at these excruciating times when you are broke." when you start freaking out. Pep talk is important. 
4. High five yourself when you feel like a genius and say "Good game, self!"
5. Repeat whenever it's necessary, depends on your level of desperation.


One of my blog readers came up and said to me that she followed me since when I was still wearing vintage outfits. I think that was very sweet of her but also I assumed that some of you might think that way too, and somehow I feel bad for it because working in fashion is closely related to promoting high consumerism and that is against what I stand up for, and if you're wondering if I still wear vintage outfits by now, I'm telling you guys this: My love for vintage will never die.

I see clothes as clothes, no matter how much or how little money I splurged on it. The reason I thrift is because I can only find stuff I love, which I won’t find it anywhere else. Sometimes I treasure most of my vintage findings more than my other clothes because it’s hard to find, so most of them will stay in my closet forever. Also, I am a terribly distracted & easily bored person (seemingly due to my ADHD), and that vividly shows through my appearance, how I dress myself and how I often change it so briefly and I constantly look for a new way to wear things. I use my vintage pieces when I’m styling for magazines too because I think it’s never about the price, never about the pride.  I wear vintage because I enjoy the style and the challenge it gives, because I believe that the essence of styling is when your idea contributes a higher value to what you wear. 


  1. Waah lucu juga ya ide blind style-nya!
    Okay challenge accepted!! :D

    1. Tag me if you take any pics of the challenge! :D

  2. I'm gonna do this challenge ci Sonia, i'll tag you later1 ;)

  3. smuanya matching koq ka sonia dan bener-bener jadi bagus bngt :))

  4. This looks so fun and you always manage to make things look good! I will try this and Tag you when I do so <3

    1. oh yay that sounds so fun! let me know when you do it <3

  5. I think it's cool!

  6. Sudah tau aplikasi Qute sis? bisa bantuin kita kalau lagi bingung milih baju yang cocok, bisa di download di atau

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  8. Would you like to give me like on Instagram if I do this challenge? Hahaha

  9. you still look amazing!
    i'll try this challenge and tag you on Instagram :D

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  12. un bon blog et vos etes très style j'aime ton loock


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