How I Wear Flannel For 5 Days Without Being Basic

    As usual, I’d like to challenge myself daily to make dressing up a little bit more exciting. By limiting myself, it opens my mind to new possibilities of dressing up and keeps me away from the mundaneness of boring wardrobe.

     Sometimes people confuse flannels and plaids, what’s the difference between them, you might ask? Flannel is the soft, wool or cotton fabric material, and plaid is the pattern. Traditionally, most flannel pattern is plaid, but not all plaid is made of flannel — only the good quality ones are. Back in my grunge teenager days, I collected many pieces of oversized plaid flannel shirts due to its effortless and relaxed feel. If there is anything as cozy as it is classic, effortless, versatile, and acquire no fuss to dress up in, I’d pick a piece of flannel shirt ready for any day. Buttoned up, layered, worn as dress, it can turn any fancy black dress into a nonchalant and effortless look. So here is how I pair my flannel shirts in 5 different ways other than a normal denim pants.

MONDAY - “Plaid Guilty”

Monday is the kick-off of the week that needs a bit of a pick-me-up situation. Getting back to the routine after a laid back weekend, this Flannel Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress would be my one minute go-to outfit which I can layer up with my ‘normal’ outfit like a coat, or just wear it alone as a wrap dress. I would love to object every fashion cliché saying that flannel shirt is only for basic, not for show, by putting on a pair of knee-high boots. The length of this shirt gives a ‘put together’ vibe to the littlest effort we can possibly do. See how much extra we can get with a piece of flannel shirt, ladies and gents?

TUESDAY - “I Don’t Know What I Want But I’m Always Prepared For Anything”

I am no creature of habit. I have no routine and need to improvise and schedule my errands daily. Combination of plaid flannel shirt, a fancy satin dress, grocery bag, and latex boots screams: “Am I going to the mall? Or just to supermarket to grab groceries? Is this actually just a fancy looking pajama? No one knows! Even I don’t know!

WEDNESDAY - “On Wednesday, We Wear Flannel (Again)”

Why plain if I can go checkered on both? I usually pick one color as the main color, or go by my own instinct. If you want to go technical, you can pick complimentary color on the color wheel. But after all, trust your guts best. You’ll never know what looks good until you experiment. The flannel shirt I’m wearing is not a buttoned up one, giving a loose, slightly effortless and feminine effect with the low back collar.

THURSDAY - “Work Hard Plaid Hard”

The unwritten requirement for an essential outfit is that it needs certain balance to achieve an effortless look without looking ‘lack of effort’. Rather than pairing my flannel shirt with a boring & predictable denim pants, I switched it up to white pants as a brighter and fresher choice. A simple turtleneck also works as an accent, lifting the whole outfit one level from being basic.

FRIDAY - “Everything Checks Out”

Friday is the end of the week when all task finally checks out (a little pun never hurt anyone), so I decided to do a fun twist on it by turning the flannel into skirt. If you have a bright colored flannel shirt you love so much but have no idea on when is the right time to wear it, wear it as a skirt instead! This flannel shirt I picked is for my modern yet smart look, it’s supposedly thicker but still airy and comfortable flannel, making it durable for any activity, making it suitable to be worn as skirt. You can go for a bigger shirt size if you want more flowy looking skirt.

     So these are 5 designs out of many different gorgeous colors & patterns of flannels you can find in Uniqlo. Another highlight point for me is that all of their flannel shirts are made of 100% slub yarn fine cotton, not only making it soft and snuggly to touch and wear, but it also makes the fabric anti-wrinkle, so it really saves me from all the ironing work, and I can just layer up and go. All the items I wear here, you can get it at Uniqlo Indonesia stores. Which look inspires you the most? Knock yourself out, channel the flannel.


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