Styling My $2 Thrift Pieces Into 'Fashion Week-Worthy'


Back again with me, and if you are like me, during the busiest week for fashion, I'm already back home chilling and scrolling through fashion week updates in my pajamas, while also doing new year cleaning, or should I update my vocab to 'konmari-ing', my closet. And while cleaning, I got distracted and found many pieces of thrift items that I'm intrigued to style and wear. We all have those particular items in the closet that is too good to throw away, but too weird to be worn in public. Aaand you guessed it right, those will be your fashion week outfits if you ever be invited one day. Also here are some throwbacks of me in New York Fashion Week sporting some thrift store items and stuff I sewed myself, and it is surely possible. So let's check what are the weird stuff in my closet that would be appropriate for the fashion week season, without spending additional cent. Are you ready for another episode of my thrift diary?


If wearing one quirky colored item draws enough attention already, why not two?? I never thought how pairing it like this will make the outfit looks even more 'on purpose'. To spice things up a little more, I will let you guess which part of the outfit is a thrifted piece...

The thrifted top is even free, because it was given to me by my stylist Christio during photoshoot. He said it was probably around 1,5 USD, and it matches my purple HMoschino boots like it's meant to be. The skirt is also from H&M.



I never thought I would pair this 80's tie dye smocking top together with a blue ski hat, but it does work??

The orange top is another thrifted gift from Christio, who is too nice to give all his treasure hunt to me. I bought the ski hat for about $1 in Jakarta's secondhand market. The pants is from H&M's newest drop. The latex boots I bought 2 years ago from H&M and I've been abusing it almost daily but it still holds perfectly.


Here I'm wearing the vintage checkered blazer I postes here, because rewearing outfit is a talent, not a sin. Previously I paired it with a swimsuit and a leather skirt, and now I'm clashing it with a ruffle checkered skirt aiming for that 'accidentally on purpose' look.

I bought the checkered vest in Tokyo's thrift store, and found this frilly checkered skirt in Monki Tokyo


There should be an occasion that I could wear knee-high boots to EVERY DAY.
On the left and right pic is a choice, but I still think knee-high boots win this time.

This zebra print shirt is also free because it's included in the bunch of thrift store stuff Christio gave me. I found the suede skirt in Tippirag, Tokyo's thrift store for about $15. The boots are Staccato


Last look, the most layered and one of my favorite. 
I found this gorgeous coat in Poland's thrift store where my boyfriend's grandma usually shops, I bought it for around $3. Yes, you hear it correctly. This is one of the best thrift store deal I made during my thrifting journey. The bag I hold is a vintage Vivianne Westwood that I thrifted in Tokyo.

Which one would you wear to fashion week without breaking the bank? xx


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