Living Minimalistic As A Maximalist

I tried.

Being fashionable doesn't always have to align with being environmentally guilty. 'Ethical', 'sustainable', and 'minimalism' have been big buzzwords, and I wish it's not only labels slapped for marketing purpose, since eventually everyone will have to do it. More eco-friendly, slow fashion brands are emerging and surely the price wouldn't be as affordable as the mass-produced fast fashion. Do we always have to choose between being ethical and saving up? What are the alternatives of being eco-friendly and also economically friendly to the wallet?

How does living minimalistic works for me as a maximalist? I don't think living minimalistic can only be done by owning only 5 monochromatic clothes to wear for a whole year. How to live more sustainable while not sacrificing your current style? Here are some hacks I've been trying in my life for a better, money-saving alternative to dressing up chic and not hurting the earth:

Re-wear and re-mix your outfit (Budget: Totally Free.)

my own clothes that I uploaded into my free app to let them style it.

REMEMBER CHER HOROWITZ'S LEGENDARY CLOSET APP??? I tried downloading one closet-arranging app with little to no expectation, and ended up blown away by so many new cute pairings from my existing outfits that I haven't tried. This app organized what I have, making it visible in one scroll so I don't have to browse through my packed closet anymore. It also provides randomizing outfits, and the styling possibilities get wider when I input more stuff into the app. Here is also proof when I lost my shit on Twitter when I first found out about this app. It's called Smart Closet on IOS, and I'm not being paid to write this, this is just an honest review that it changed my life and helps me get ready easier every morning.

Shop thrift. (Budget: So cheap it's almost free)

This blue sweater is $1 and the printed coat is $3. How to get good deal in thrift stores?
visit them, A LOT.

There is no question why shopping in the thrift store is the winning solution to fashion's biggest garment waste. I'm consistently shopping thrift and it's what get me started this blog, and I wish to be an even louder and prouder representative in secondhand shopping. It's cheap, you can find the weirdest stuff, there is only one, it's a treasure hunt. Feel free to look up to some of my thrift styling from my previous posts. It's also indirectly survival to the fittest. Clothes who can withstand years moving around from parts of the world and being worn and still look good?! That's a sign that it's well-made and can withstand a few more years in your closet. Click here to read some of my thrift adventures stories over the years.

Re-work your clothes (Budget: some imaginations, also basic cutting and sewing skill.)

When I shop thrift store items for an already dirt cheap price, there is almost no pressure to cut and rework it whenever I need to upgrade it. Check out my video of how I transformed my $2 thrift dress into a wide sleeve top.

Rent only when you need it (Budget: better than buying new clothes.)

In one of the looks I rented for some themed photoshoots or special occasions.

I've been using Style Theory service to rent dressier outfits that I more likely would only wear once or twice in my life. It's actually so much more economical to rent than buying the actual designer dresses they are renting, so I can get different look daily yet not have to provide more space in my closet. Ever since I rent and buy exclusively secondhand, I would only need to buy plain t-shirts, socks (that keep on missing), and other basic stuff I can wear over and over again and styled with the secondhand or rented items. At this point, even though you're buying new item, at least make a commitment that it will last for a long time. I am currently gathering all my rented and thrift store items on instagram under hashtag #SustainableSozo so you could have some ideas on how to rewear some items in different styles without buying new clothes!

Donate or sell clothes you don't need anymore in exchange of new stuff in your closet.

my page at Tinkerlust where I shop & sell secondhand goods.

My other solution for sustainable and minimalist living is donating my clothes or sell it for cheap so that it will have more purpose in other people's hand. My pre-loved and never been worn items are currently stored in Tinkerlust, and not only you can shop there, but you can also create an account to sell your pre-loved stuff too. As we all are familiar with Marie Kondo's minimalist method and how a clean and spacious closet will actually inspire me more to dress up, I learn to live with less items and get used to it.

Some donation places across Indonesia you can ship your unused items to:
Clothes:Go to @sedekahbaju or @clothesforcharityID
Shoes: @Elfourensic #ElfourensicSepatuUntukNegeri
Eyeglasses Frames: @Sejuta_Kacamata
Books: @Lemaribukubuku

Please feel free to share me your minimalistic and sustainable living hacks on the comments, I'd be happy to learn and adopt some new habits! :)


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