Best Places on Earth: Tokyo.

Forever21 beanie hat, Chicago thrift store teal green coat, AYE denim pants, Air Jordan 1 Retro.

Continuing on yesterday's 'drama', surely I was quite upset but I chose to not mourn over my missing luggage and not let it ruin our traveling plan even more. Backpacking plan it is! :D Also I'm not alone, I have Audrio with me, the worst scenario would be having to shop and buy things to wear (it's Tokyo! I'll be happy to do that), and later buy new luggage to bring all of my stuff back home.  And luckily what's in my tiny backpack is enough for me to survive without the luggage:
- Camera!
- make-up items: compact powder, eyeliner & lip tint
- passport and cash
- phone, charger and electric plug connector
- Egyptian Magic all-purpose skin cream (it saves your skin like magic in winter!)

For the first day, I had to buy all the toiletries at the nearest mini market. Tokyo's convenient stores literally sell everything from sushi, cute-looking desserts (they even have macarons & crepes), bathroom supplies, winter accessories, to comic books... It's definitely the first place I'll go to if there were zombie invasion in Tokyo.

We stayed at Shibuya area, it's the major shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo so we can easily find everything we need there. Especially, FOODS. Both me and Audrio are a fan of Japanese foods, we just spotted some random ramen & sushi stalls around Shibuya and they can easily topped any Japanese restaurant we've ever tried.

pics taken by Audrio.

For clothes, you'll go crazy if you're a thrifty hunter like me because you can easily find thrift stores and vintage shops in every corner of the streets! I can't wait to list all the thrift stores worth-visiting in Tokyo on the next post. We didn't even check Forever21, H&M, Zara and any fashion retail stores in Shibuya because we're too busy checking out cool vintage shops. We shopped a lot that I thought the next time we go back here again we might just bring an empty suitcase. I found this coat at Chicago thrift store, near Harajuku station, for only $13 and it matched my hair! :)

Today's plan is strolling around Shibuya - Jinnan - Harajuku, enjoying the view after the snow and getting lost.

 The morning was cold and quiet, just how I like it.



The Haneda Airport crews were sooo helpful, it's amazing how they can be so practical and informative, they called us almost everyday for the updates wether they have or haven't found my suitcase. The suitcase was delivered 6 days after my arrival. It's not a good experience but it's a plus that they can handle it professionally. :)

(PS. I changed my blog layout, and thanks for the feedbacks! As I'm getting older I feel it's time to update the blog appearance as well. I don't change my blog layout so often, the previous one lasted for about 3 years, but I do change it when I feel like it didn't represent me or the blog's personality anymore. My first blog template was chaotic (believe it or not, the background was black), but I'm glad it's getting cleaner and tidier on each period of this blog's years. I've got rid of the clutters and old stuff on the layout, this makes me more comfortable to write on the blog that represents my personality *I feel like redecorating my diary*, and I hope this also make it easier for you to read and browse on my blog! :)


  1. Oh goodness! Have a fun, save backpacking trip, Sonia! I really wish your luggage could be with you soon. It must be pretty annoying remembering how your skin care and other prepared stuffs are 6 days away from you.

    Anyway I love your new layout. Indeed, it's more tidy and eyes-friendly. :)


  2. hope you had an amazing trip!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    greetings from Hong Kong :)

  3. cool photos! :D
    love that coat.

  4. love the coat sooooo much
    and tokyo look so wonderful!!!

  5. Wish you enjoy the trip without worrying your missing luggage....the plaid coat is so fabolous

  6. great photos and experience!
    thanks for sharing ;)

  7. Aw man, I'm sorry about your missing luggage experience -- thank goodness the airport people were so kind and helpful!
    Ahh snowy Tokyo is stirring the wanderlust in me. Japan is definitely in my top 5 must see list, and I dream of the day I get to travel there. Till then I'll marvel at your gorgeous photos :)
    Oh, and I LOVE your coat -- what a great find!

  8. Love your coat, anyway i love all your pictures in Tokyo!!

  9. Really love that coat, and all the photos! Love the effect you put on them!

    Muny’sFashionFanatique | FASHION & STYLE BLOG

  10. Tokyo looks like so much fun. I definitely can't wait to visit those thrift shops when I go there :)

  11. I loveee Japan so much! Thanks for sharing :) Aku juga suka layout barunya, lebih rapi dan fresh, two tumbs up!

  12. Really love your coat! And you look soooooo cool here! Japan is amazing! Can't wait your next post

  13. Such a pain to have lost luggage, but I'm glad with the update that you were able to retrieve everything in the end. That is at least a tiny bit of luck.

    On another note, you definitely make me miss Tokyo. It feels like home there. It's crazy how you can be in the middle of a bustling street with lights and action and a few blocks away find tranquility and peacefulness in a temple or garden.

    I hope you have a great trip!!

  14. It makes me want to be in Japan soon! Hope so :) but if I were you, I would be very panic for losing my luggage

  15. I really like this layout a lot - and I agree - we all need an update now and then. We ourselves grow, so our blogs should grow with us as well. Man I would have been so upset if i had lost my luggage. But then again, after all the contents are just material goods. And I think even though it is stressful and no fun, the experience teaches you to value what is important most. You are having an amazing time with Audrio! And you still have your camera, and hey, excuse to go shopping! :) lovely blog cannot wait until the next post!

    rae of lovefromberlin

  16. soniaa rambutnya cocok banget sama coatnyaa <3

  17. love ur new blog layout
    and this backpack story sounds so so exciting

    you turned the poor case into great and happy experience ( backpack )

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  18. truly the best place on earth!

    Beautiful look

  19. couldnt agree more with your title post ! it seems so great and beautiful place <3
    anyway, love your coat <3

  20. Kak Son, what software do you use to edit photos? I adore your both beautiful captures and editing. <3

  21. they are indeed the best cities to go to ! gorgeous pictures <3

    Letters To Juliet


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