JAPAN - Last Days.

Our last day selfie frenzy around beautiful Tokyo, taken with Pentax Q10.


me and Blythe!

One of the Harajuku cool kids we spotted with STYYLI!

The busy Shibuya crossing.


Trying out Japanese draft beer in a bar next to our hotel. And it tasted awesome.

My super useful traveling pocket camera, Pentax Q10. Thank God I have enough battery for 4 days when I lost my baggage because I literally abuse it for taking pictures and recording our videos. I bought 3 interchangeable lenses (fisheye, standard lens and 50mm fixed lens) which were really useful during my trip! :)

We really enjoyed our unplanned & unpredictable trip to Tokyo. The people, the foods, shopping places, the ambience, everything is kind and lovely here and we can't wait to go back here again anytime soon! And I found out some of my readers are living in Japan, I wish we can plan to visit another cities outside Tokyo when we come back, meet-up and exchanging shopping spots sounds like a good idea :) About Pentax Q10: for every purchase of Pentax in all official dealers in Indonesia, get MAP voucher worth IDR 1.000.000,-, valid until this March!

PS. I just heard an awful explosion happened in Shibuya station, I really wish no one was injured. :(


  1. Reading your posts these weeks is making me feel really excited for my upcoming trip to Japan on June! :DDD you sure had a wonderful time there!

    Pudding Monster

  2. woww so nice trip!!
    i need japan tour soon!!


  3. I hope someday i can live/travel to japan lol:D
    Oh gosh, i really wish noone died/injured at that accident><

    Check out mine !<3 Adventure of P-chan

  4. omg you and your boyfie looks so sweet together ><


  5. omg you and your boyfie looks so sweet together ><


  6. You're so lucky to had a chance went to Tokyo!
    Japanese so fashionable <3


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